Judy was born and raised in North Carolina, but has lived in South Florida for the last thirty years. Amongst the many things in her life, art is something that she loves to spend her time with while recreating some of the cherished things in life that we so commonly take for granted.
She is primarily a self taught artist and photographer. She enjoys working in a variety of mediums, which include oils, pastels and mixed media. The joy of creating an imagery of a moment or an emotion and being able to share it with others is the essence of her art. Judy is a lover of detail and realism. She attempts to bring the viewer the emotional response she has to the people, landscape or setting that she intends to capture. She has had the pleasure of traveling to many places throughout the US, Europe and Africa.  The memories, experiences and adventures of her travels have proven to be the backbone of her passion for art and photography. Judy particularly enjoys taking photos of wildlife in their natural habitat and then transforming that emotion or feeling into a painting. Judy has exhibited at the Lake Worth Art Gallery and currently has art exhibited in the Amtrust Bank Building in West Palm Beach and the Community Center in the Village of Wellington. She is currently a member of Artists of Palm Beach County, The Lake Worth Art League and the Armory Art Center.
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